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Feeding your cat healthy food has never been this easy. You'll find more healthy choice options to feed your four-legged friend in our store than you can wag a tail at! Whether you are looking for healthy treats and snacks or tailored meals designed to make your cat healthier, Cream City Kitty Clinic has it all.

Find everything you need for your cat in one place:

Is your cat having accidents outside of the litter-box?

A few tests can determine if your cat is having physical or behavioral problems causing it to go to the bathroom in places other than its litter-box. Whatever the reason is, we can determine a solution for it, even if it is as simple as spraying one of our many odor-eliminating products on the area to deter the cat from returning.

Treat your cat to healthy delicacies. Call 262-549-4228 or visit our 1900 Pewaukee Rd. Suite A for affordable feline health products.

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